Apparel Trends For Men In 2017


Are you bored of your usual dressing style? Do you want to change your wardrobe? Well, it is very obvious that with the ever changing fashion trends, it can be very hard for someone to maintain a wardrobe with the latest style without spending much.
Well, here are some of the apparel trends which are definitely going to stay here for a long time.

  • First apparel trend of the season is sportswear. You must already know that in the men’s clothing section, sportswear is the mostly bought clothing items. And it has been on trend for the last couple of years. Whether it is a two piece track suit or drawstring trousers or zip up nylon jumpers, these can be very comfortable and you can wear them to casual outings as well. You can even team a track pant with this awesome One-Punch Man Oppai t-shirts! Although it is not exactly a sportswear but it will definitely compliment your complete look.

  • Second trend for men that has been part of their wardrobe since centuries are the checks. Whether it is a formal shirt or some trouser or may be a complete suit, checks look good in all kinds of apparels and it just adds class to your whole appearance. This is one of the evergreen styles which have never been out of trend. The best part is that it is not very difficult for any man to carry an outfit with checks. So, if you do not have anything with checks then time to add some to your wardrobeal

  • Neutral toned clothes can be great to team up with a vibrant piece of cloth. Say for instance, if you are wearing a vibrant colored shirt then wear a neutral color trouser with it which will make it look more subtle. If you already have some old outfits in neutral shade then try to layer it in different ways with some new styling tricks. You can always mix and match one trend with another. You can have anything in neutral shade, whether it is a t-shirt or a trouser or some nice overcoat.

  • Looser cuts and shapes have been an absolute favorite of the past few seasons. Whether it is a trouser, coats or hoodies, they are preferred by a lot of people nowadays since this type of dressing is very relaxing. You can find these clothing items in every retail store since they are on high demand. Also, if you have a slightly heavier body shape then a bit loose cuts can hide your unwanted flabs. The best way to wear a loose cloth item is to team it up with a bit fitted cloth. Say for instance, if you wear a loose cut trouser, you can wear a not so loose t-shirt with it. Or if you wear a loose shirt then team it up with a pair of denims.

Trend of the Season is Sportswear


Wear Stripes in All Forms

Vertical stripes have been always on trend for many years just like the checks. It has been an all-time staple wear for men. You can wear stripes in all forms like a coat, shirt, t-shirt or trousers and it can go well with any color as well.

The best part about stripes is their versatility. They work perfect for any kind of style whether it is subtle or bold.

Cool Men’s Fashion Trend

Another cool men’s fashion trend is to wear those printed t-shirts. Slogan t-shirts have been around for the past few years and they look absolutely smart when combined with attires like an expertly fitted or unstructured tailoring chinos. You can wear such printed t-shirts in all colors and with some great prints. It adds some fun as well as casual element to the whole look. Whether you are a teenager or someone who just retired from job, anyone can look smart in this type of apparel.

Find Various Designs

Last but not the least your wardrobe is not complete unless you have some leather jackets in it.

Leather has never gone out of trend. Whether it was in 1970s or 80’s, leather jackets were always worn by men. Nowadays, you will find various designs in these jackets. Although, it can be a bit expensive but it is totally worth purchasing since they can last you a lifetime.

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